Wild success is closer than you think.

We offer a range of services to help carve your path to wild success.

Initial consult: Intro conversation to figure out what wild success looks like for you, and how we can help you get there.

(30 mins, FREE)

Strategy SessionsAn in-depth strategic life planning session where we plan backward from success. This is a cross between business, life coaching, and strategic planning. We often (though not always) end up setting up an initial work plan culminating with a pilot/launch event.

(Two hours + 1st follow-up session, $500)

Success Squads: A small, synergistic group of other great people to check in with twice a month. This also includes rewards for achieving team goals, discounts to our events, and access to our private network page and resources. ($100 per month)

One-on-one check-ins: Quick, one-on-one phone conversations with Bethany. ($50 per half hour call)

Events: Networking events, workshops, and more. Check out our Upcoming Events page for more information.

Future plans

We see access to capital as one of the core challenges preventing talented individuals from achieving wild success, and it is our ultimate goal to address this. We plan to create a new career path into startup investment: a tech-enabled venture fund incubator. Some of the most pressing problems - and lucrative opportunities - in our world are ones current, homogenous decision-makers are poorly equipped to address. By creating a community and platform to find and fund the next generation of diverse startup investors, we hope to solve this problem.

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